Not a Plunger™

The plunger Elon would use...

...if he had time to shit.

Brought to you by
Bad Unicorn & Aviato

Behold... the stupidest thing you will see this week.

Utter Badass

If Die Hard was a plunger.

We refined the details of style, comfort and functionality to bring you our stainless steel, splash proof plunger. This plunger takes no shit from anyone.

We spent a lot of extra money to make the box look cool.
Can you tell?

These internally tapered tips conform to your ear shape, keeping AirPods Pro secure.
And with vents helping equalize pressure, you
feel like there’s nothing
in your ears.

Lightning wishes it was this fast

420x more horsepower than the plunger you own

The only plunger that sells less than production costs.

It's just good business.

Some say it is just a plunger.

Others say it is a
way of life.

The Not a Plunger™ is aerodynamic for any use case.

And has a recoil you'll have to feel to believe.

Oh wow you made it this far?

Must be a light work day.

Nevertheless, now is your chance to own the limited supply of Not A Plunger™

p.s. Not A Flamethrowers are selling for 15x their original price

not a plunger™

Everyone loves bragging about owning the newest in ToiletTech. Well here's your chance

Not A Plunger is:

☑️  A High Pressure Pipe Dredge Air Cannon

☑️  Clogged toilets worst nightmare

☑️ The kind of product you'll want to talk about at your next thanksgiving

Many call this "The Tesla of Plungers"

Please rotate your phone.
Not a Plunger - The plunger Elon would use if he had time to sh*t | Product Hunt